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So You Want To Learn How To Play Guitar?

Most of us pick up the guitar for one or several of the following reasons:


  • Play for relaxation and personal enjoyment
  • Play for or with family and friends
  • To play and sing
  • Play music at your church
  • Add music to your camping trips or on vacations and holidays
  • Jam with others; possibly even play in a band
  • As a form of personal development
  • Create your own songs

Regardless of your reasons, learning and playing guitar can be a lifelong source of enjoyment, personal satisfaction and way to connect with others. Unfortunately, many would be guitar players experience frustration and a lack of progress or direction when trying to learn. They lack a clear path to learn how to play guitar easily and efficiently and enjoy the benefits.


So What’s The Answer?

It’s simple – find a source of comprehensive, step-by-step easy to follow lessons. For some that means finding a good instructor and taking private lessons. There are 3 problems with this as a beginner. First, it’s expensive. Second, it’s difficult to know if an instructor is “good” when you are a beginner. Being a good instructor is not the same as being a good guitarist. And finally many instructors, even good instructors, do not have a step-by-step comprehensive system for teaching beginners.

Another solution is to learn affordably in the comfort of your own home with an online guitar learning system using the latest in multimedia learning technology and developed by someone with 32 years of passionate teaching experience. Hmmm…where could we find such an opportunity?


But Can I Really Learn Guitar Online?

If you pick random videos on YouTube or the internet your learning will be random, and it’s possible that you won’t make regular progress. If, however, you learn online from a specific sequence of progressive material that is designed to develop your skills step-by-step then you are likely to take great strides in your guitar playing ability.


Hernando Florentin2“The work you have put into this lesson series is amazing. It’s thorough and clear, helping a new guitarist establish a solid foundation to become a great musician. To be quite honest, I’m amazed it’s free.”

Hernando Florentin, Huntington Station, US


The Purpose Of This Website

This website exists to help Beginners and Intermediate Guitar Players and potential guitar players to get better. Period. If you dive into the website you’ll find a bunch of song tutorials, you’ll find basic technique lessons, and you’ll find articles too. What’s really cool is that this comprehensive collection of information – and the “7 Day” course – is free. I have other courses that you may like to buy to increase your knowledge and abilities on the guitar, but the Free Material will always be FREE.


So Why Are You Waiting – Get Started Learning The Guitar NOW!

The easiest way to get started is to sign up for my free Starland “7 Day” course and monthly updates by putting your name and email above and clicking the button now.

Three reasons to sign up for my free 7 Day course NOW:

1. Every day for 7 days you’ll get a valuable video lesson with PDF downloads that will kick start your success with playing the guitar.

2. Each month I’ll send you a list of new video lessons I’ve posted on varied aspects of playing guitar for beginners through intermediate students that you
can pick and choose from.

3. If you want to play real guitar with confidence and ease, and learn what it really takes to feel a sense of accomplishment and success, I will teach you.

Being a subscriber is the best way of keeping in the ‘learning’ loop.

So Dive In And Get Started…

If you sign up for the free 7 Day course below you’ll start receiving the sequence of free guitar lessons that are a ‘Thank You’ for entrusting me with your email address.


TomasHat1-sm-shadowI wish you incredible success on your guitar playing journey!

Tomas Michaud

Alameda, California, USA




My first career, weight lifting, didn’t work out. My muscles didn’t grow much. I decided I needed something that didn’t require heavy lifting.


I picked up my first guitar when I was 14 years old, I learned a few open chords, a few bar chords and some licks from popular songs. I could play some bits and pieces but never really got anywhere. I began getting really frustrated because even though I learned many things from different places, no matter what I did I couldn’t turn that into playing the way I really wanted to play, to jam with other people, to feel confident, to experience the ease that I saw with the people that I admired and how I imagined it could be.


Then as a young adult I stumbled across a cassette course on achieving goals. I won’t go into too

much detail, but the main idea was to achieve large, even what might seem like impossible goals by

breaking them down to smaller steps. It was at a time when I was taking martial arts and I realized that

the people that were successful just followed the system. I took this insight and ran with it.

First I researched how other guitarist learned. I read books, contacted private teachers and translated what I learned from them into a step by step program to improve my guitar playing over a period of 2 years.


Somewhat To My Surprise It Really Worked

Of course I made refinements as I went along. I tried some things that didn’t work, I added new

material as more information came to me and “fell of the horse” a few times. There were times I felt

discouraged and didn’t practice as much as I wanted to. But at the end of the 2 year period my guitar

playing improved tremendously. In fact I had made more progress in that 2 year period than I made in

the previous 10 years.


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Then one day my oldest daughter asked me to teach her guitar. I decided to use the system I had

developed to teach her. To my surprise it worked even better with her. I begin using the system

throughout my music school and developed a teacher training system to have all my guitar teachers

use it. I’ve always hired good instructors, but I began to get feedback that the students were learning

faster and enjoying the process more when they used my system. I’ve named it the “Starland Guitar


Starland currently has 550 students aging from age 4 to 84. About 4 years ago I began using my experience to reach people beyond my geographic location by developing lessons on the internet. My first videos weren’t visually great. My staff says they looked like “ransom” videos made in someone’s basement. I’m sure you’ll agree I’ve come a long ways.

Tomas the Recording Artist


In addition to teaching and developing educational programs I am the author of 7 CDs of my own original contemporary instrumental music. You can find me on Amazon, iTunes, Pandora or on my music website at WorldMelodies.com.

You can find Tomas on  


“I just wanted to say that we need 100 more guitar instructors just like Tomas Michaud. It’s not very often you come across someone with the skill, talent, knowledge and lifetime of experience who is willing to share as much information as he does. “

Eric Andrew, Dallas, TX Eric Andrew, Dallas, TX