Real Guitar Adventure for Grownups

Beginner Guitar for Grownups

This is a great place to start if you’re an adult beginner on guitar, or if you’d just like to review the basics. It’s best to follow the lessons in order if you’re a beginner. If you’ve already gained some experience playing guitar go ahead and choose the topics that you’d like to get some help with.

These lessons are designed for the acoustic guitar or nylon string guitar, but most of the lessons would also apply to and electric guitar.​

  1. START HERE=> How to Play Guitar
  2. Guitar Anatomy | Parts of a Guitar
  3. Guitar String Names and Numbers
  4. How to Hold a Guitar
  5. How to Tune a Guitar
  6. How to Use a Pick
  7. First Guitar Chords Part 1
  8. More Guitar Chords Part 2
  9. Strumming Guitar and Changing Chords
  10. Fingerstyle Guitar
  11. First Easy Guitar Song
  12. Next Steps to Learn Guitar

Real Playing Guitar Results for Grownups

Welcome to the Beginner Guitar for Grownups series. These lessons are specifically created for busy adults to get up and running quickly. That doesn’t mean that these are the type of quick-fix or “learn overnight” type of B.S.

As a “grown-up” you deserve real lessons… a step-by-step guitar tutorial where you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to get results…. and get a solid foothold on the rewarding journey of playing beautiful music on the guitar. We respect YOUR busy life. absolutely NO BS…

If this sounds good to you, then you’re in the right place!

Do I Need To Already Play Guitar?

You won’t need any previous experience to get started with these guitar lessons. You’ll gain a good foundation in playing guitar… And have fun doing it!

If you’re a beginner I recommend going through the lessons in order (they make a great review also).

In the first lesson, How to Play a Guitar, you’ll get an overview of the coming lessons as well as valuable tips to learn guitar as smoothly as possible. Then we’ll go on to some of the fundamentals including learning The Parts of a Guitar, the Guitar String Names, How to Hold a Guitar, How to Tune a Guitar and How to Use a Pick.

After that you’ll learn several of the most useful basic guitar chords in the lessons First Guitar Chords and More Guitar Chords.

Then we’ll move on to learn Strumming Guitar, beginning Fingerstyle Guitar, and how to play Your First Easy Guitar Song.

Finally the last lesson will help you with the Next Steps to Learn Guitar so you can keep on progressing.

Want to Supercharge Your Guitar Playing Progress?

If you want to make massive progress in the shortest amount of time you’ll want to sign up for Real Guitar Success. There you’ll find my best video lessons and a step-by-step program to eliminate the guesswork.

In addition I’ve developed a system to get your questions answered from both myself and an engaged community.

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