Beginning Guitar 101: Lesson #12- Chord Families G, C, D


Welcome back to Beginning Guitar 101.

We’re going to take that idea of chord families and take it up a notch, add the C chord to it.

1-4-5 in the Key Of C

​Here’s a chord family for the C chord. We’ll start on C then we go G and D. We’ll use those three chords. The one chord, that is the G here. G, A, B, C is the four chord and after C comes D, the five chord. Chord family for G. Go to C and to D and to G.

Let’s Play Together

Ready, G, C, go into D, G, G, C, D, G. Quick, let’s do the chord family for A. Ready, A, D, E, A. Okay, snuck that in there didn’t I? Do D, we did before. Let’s do it. D, E… Oh, I made that up. Sorry. D, G, A7, D. Ready, D, G, A7, and D. Good. Okay, so that’s it for this video.

There are many easy guitar songs you can play with the chords I've taught you so far. If you haven't already try!
I look forward to seeing you in my next video.

Take care.

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