March 18

Beginning Guitar 101: Lesson #9- Chord Families E, A, B7

Chord Family #2: E – A – B7

In this video I want to show you another chord family. This is the chord family of E, A, and B7. This is my series,Beginning Guitar 101, Lesson 9. Let's start with playing the chords E, A, and B7. If you're just jumping in here, I made some videos before this which showed the chords so we're not going to spend time on that now.

Key Of E

Let's play the chords together, and B7, back to E. E is the one chord in the family, E, F, G, A is the four chord and B… E is the one chord, A is the four chord and B is the five chord. We'll make it a B7. Let's play it. E, A, B7 and back to E.

“E” Is The One Chord

Now one of the things that makes this a family is that in that order it sounds like it wants to go back to the one chord or the home chord. In this order, sounds like it's moving, and most people experience this, feel like it wants to go back to one. Play it with me again. Ready, E, faster, A, B7 and back to E. E, A, B7 and back to E.

Okay, in the next video I'm going to go through and show you some kind simple song with that chord family. The E, A, and B7.

I look forward to either seeing you in the blog or in the next video. Take care.

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Tomas Michaud


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