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Pull-Off Guitar Lesson And Exercise

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Video Transcript And Relevant Links:​Pull offs are an essential part of playing the acoustic guitar and they serve two purposes. One is it does add some character to both your melody and when you're doing these runs in between chords but they also like you to play a little bit faster. You actually get several notes sometimes one two with only one strike of the right hand. So here's an example of a simple pull off. There's two notes there but I'm only striking it once. And here's a more elaborate pull-off. I just played a lot of notes and I...

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How to Play Edelweiss | Easy Guitar Songs

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Download Edelweiss Lyrics and ChordsHey there, in this video you're gonna learn two versions of Edelweiss and I'll let you pick which one seems best for you. We'll start with that easier version and then move on to the more complex version or at least with a few more bells and whistles. Here is what we are aiming at - Edelweiss,  Edelweiss, Every morning you greet me, Pure and white,  clean and bright, You look happy to meet me. Okay so that's the chorus of the tune and that repeats over and over verse and then the chorus....

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Tips To Get And Stay Motivated To Practice Guitar

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Sometimes it seems like you have to practice 24/7 to get good at guitar but if you're anything like me sometimes you just don't feel motivated to practice.  I want to share with you some of the things that really helped me over the years. Now this list is by no means exclusive in fact I'd really like to have you share in the comments some of your ideas and maybe some things that helped you to stay motivated and to share it with the community as well. But this is what I have for you right now. It's the best of what I've come up...

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How to Change Keys on Guitar

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Video Transcript And Relevant Links: One very practical skills for guitar players is to be able to change keys. This is especially helpful if you want to play guitar and sing. Oh, if you're playing guitar for somebody else you're singing that's because certain keys are better for the singer than others. Also, there are some things when you're playing they just work better in certain keys than others. So one way to do this ​in a very useful way is to memorize a little graph like this. So what I've done is I've written out the scales for the 5...

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Dust In The Wind Guitar Tutorial (Kansas)

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Dust In The Wind Guitar Tutorial | Part 1 We’ll combine the fingerpicking pattern along with the chord progression to play this iconic song. Dust In The Wind Guitar Tutorial | Part 2 Additional Lessons You’ll Love:Picking Pattern for Dust In The Wind | Step-By-Step ​>> Dust in the...

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Should I Learn Guitar Scales?

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Hey there, over the years I've had many students and I've heard also people write comments "Should I learn guitar scales I'm just starting out? Should I only learn scales when I first starting or and do I really have to learn scales?" So first of all the short answer is yes and sometimes no. Certainly scales are the building blocks of music. They're the sort of the vocabulary that music is built off of and certainly if you want to improvise they're one of the main  tools for improvisation. Let me talk about several of the reasons...

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What Does the “Key” of a Song Mean?

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Video Transcript And Relevant Links: Hi I'm Tomas from Real Guitar. Let's talk a little bit about what it means to be in a ​Key in ​Music and why that's important.   First I'm gonna explain just a little bit of music theory. Now nothing complicated so don't worry and it's nothing you really have to memorize or anything but they will help this explanation go a little more smoothly. First, there's what we call the musical alphabet. We used letter names to indicate notes. Now for those of you who have been playing for a while this is...

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How to Fix those Crappy Sounding Notes

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Video Transcript And Relevant Links: I got a message from one of my YouTube subscribers who was trying to form a partial barre chord. I believe and she says in paraphrasing "Every time I tried to play this kind of chord, my notes sound muted or blunted and I can't find any kind of instruction on how to fix that. They all say, you know, how to make the chord but they doesn't sound good so what do I do with that?" Well, I want to make this video to help those who are having a similar problem and I want to start off by saying it's really...

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RGS Live #21 | Getting Started with Jazz/Blues Improvisation w/guest Nathan

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Summary: In this episode, you’ll learn how to improvise over jazz and blues chord progressions. Interested in creatively applying some of those scales you’ve learned? Nathan and Tomas will give you some tips on selecting which scales to use, a strumming pattern, and how to play them dynamically. With some practice, this episode will help you get ready to jam with other musicians or solo over some of your favorite songs! ​Questions: [17:21] Some peeps on YouTube are vocal about their opposition to learning scales and the pentatonic scale...

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Father And Son Cat Stevens Easy Guitar Lesson

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Father And Son Cat Stevens Easy Guitar Lesson

Download the Lyrics and chord changes below…>>Father And Son Lyrics and chord changes  In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to play the classic Cat Stevens song, Father and Son. I'm going to break it down for you step-by-step and we're going to have a lot of fun.To start off I’ll give you a sample of what it's going to sound like.Then we’ll break it down in this order…1) Let's start off with the intro2) Introducing Am7/G 3) Combined this with to note lick4) Now let's go over the chords for the song. I think it's important to...

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