March 29

How to Learn the Notes on the Guitar Fretboard


Knowing the notes on the guitar fretboard are will help you in several different ways. It’ll help you with learning bar chords, learn songs, techniques, and generally get around the guitar fretboard more easily.

I’m going to show you several techniques for easily identifying the notes on the neck. Then I’ll give you an exercise to help you memorize them easily in just a few minutes a day.

In this lesson...

1. Learn Open Notes:


Eddie Ate Dynamite Good Bye Eddie (low to high)

2. Musical Alphabet: A, B, C, D, E, F & G

  •  Two notes don’t have # (b and e)

  •  Sharp (#) - one fret higher

  •  Flat (b) -  one fret lower

3. Memorize notes on dots on lowest two strings

  • Frets 3, 5 and 7

  • G, A, B, C, D, E

4. Find the Octaves

  •       On strings 6 & 5—2 frets up; two strings over

  •       On strings 4 & 3—3 frets up; two strings over

5. Note Exercise - find the notes on all strings

I’ve created a download sheet to help you with this lesson including guitar neck diagram and some additional notes. Go ahead and download that here:

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    1. Hi Paul,

      It’s a good question. It’s probably not the best place to spend your time now if you’re just interested in playing rock lead guitar. Probably better to spend your time on chords (so you can play with others), scale patterns and practicing soloing over background tracks. -Tomas

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