January 25

Scarborough Fair Easy Fingerstyle Guitar Solo


Tomas Michaud
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  1. Hi Thomas happy new year to you and your loved ones….. A bit late you may think?.
    Well thank you for all the wonderful tuition you send my way…. Some people are gifted… I will have a shot at Scarborough fair it is a lovely piece of music…..
    God Bless….

    1. Hi Anne-Marie. Here's the link. https:undefinedundefineds3-us-west-1.amazonaws.comundefinedrgs2undefinedFEBRUARY_2019_-_Scarborough_Fair_-_Fingerstyle_Solo_revised_version_with_sections.pdf

      You may need to copy it and paste it into your browser.

  2. Hi Tomas,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful work of putting Scarborough Fair easy fingerstyle solo here. I found your work when trying to search for an easy way to learn to play this song. I found it was not easy for me to follow at first as I'm a totally new beginner. I've spent 4 days in a row to work it out. I've played your tutorial video back and forth, back and forth… hundred of times, and I've taken notes of every steps… I've got 7 pages written down including a drawing of "exotic chord" diagram. Even though you said there'd be Tabs for download at the bottom of the page but I tried not to rush to it. When I've got to the end of your tutorials I found your Scarborough Fair Easy Fingerstyle TABS and I downloaded it. Amazingly, everything appeared in front of me as your tabs are so CLEAR and easy to follow. I saved your page for continuing learning, and I felt I could not leave your page without saying Hello to you and expressing my great gratitude to your help. A BIG THANK YOU and may God bless you always Tomas.


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