September 27

Sunday Update #1 – I’m Back With Lots To Share


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When you first learn to play guitar you may be faced with the decision on which guitar to use – a Classical guitar or an Acoustic guitar. I've found that many students don’t know the difference between the classical and acoustic. I discuss the differences, what styles each is best suited for and what the benefits and downsides are for the beginner.

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The Power Of Chord Patterns

Understanding chord patterns on the guitar and how to identify what key a song is in will save so much time when learning guitar. Because many songs are constructed of common chord patterns, by practicing the chord patterns instead of individual chords you’ll learn and memorize new songs more quickly and make better use of your practice time.

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Want to learn how to play some New Flamenco/Spanish Guitar techniques?

Get my course New Flamenco Guitar here:

What do you think about a weekly update? Too much? Too little? Is Sunday the best day?

I love your comments. Even though I couldn’t reply to all comments know I do read them all. If I don’t reply to your comment, it most likely means that I agree with what you say and don’t have anything meaningful to add, myself. I appreciate and read all comments and your comments they really are important to me. Of course I’ll remove any spammy type comments.
Tomas Michaud


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  1. Bonjour Tomas:

    Une bonne idée d’une mise à jour hebdomadaire, d’une sélection de guitaristes pour débutants.Cela maintient la correspondance, la motivation, la curiosité ou la découverte des différentes techniques de l’instrument.Je n’ai plus à m’égarer dans les recherches interminables dans youtube.
    Merci beaucoup Tomas.

  2. Hi Tomas!! Have not seen anything from you for quite awhile! Sunday or any day is good! Your teaching is worth waiting for my friend!

    Tom copeland

    1. Thanks Tom. It’s good to hear from you. I’m sure most people can relate, it’s hard to balance all the things involved with work and family. I think making this commitment publicly will help me. I take my commitments pretty seriously.

  3. I love everything you send out. I open it all and basically get to keep learning while I am not taking lessons. I like having new things to practice. This keeps me picking my guitar up and getting better.
    Thank you

  4. Sunday is a relaxing day to review guitar tips to improve playing and enjoyment.. hope you can assemble earlier so you can also rest on Sunday.. evev God said we should rest one day.. otherwise we humans would work ourselves to death 🙂

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