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What Should I Use To Warm Up For Guitar Practice?

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Question: (from Eric Jordan):

Is an old fashion metronome best to learn guitar rhythm or does an online work app work just as well and when you say 5 minute warm up for guitar, what warm ups are best. 


Hi Eric,

I find the type of metronome more a personal choice. I prefer once called the Matrix M-800 electronic, but I also use an online one and an old fashion one when my first choice is not easily accessible.

I talk about the metronome in this somewhat colorful post:

Warm-Ups: There is no one right or wrong answer to what to warm up on. For me it depends on what I'm working on.

I do have a default exercise that I recommend to all students when starting out. I'll make a video and include it in the Sunday update on 6/1/14…Done!

Warm Up Exercise (aka Speed Developer) 

More Guitar Practice Warm Up Tips:

  • Warm-up for about 5 to 10 minutes depending on how long your practice session is.
  • Warm-up every time you practice, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
  • A warm-up exercise should be something fairly easy that you know how to play.
  • It helps to warm-up with something similar to what you intend on working on during your practice session, but any routine that gets the muscles working can make a good warm-up.
  • Scales make a great warm-up exercise.
  • You can also warm-up with a chord progression exercise.
  • Go slow and strive for accuracy.
  • Pay particular attention to staying relaxed.
  • By warming up first you set the stage for great practice session.
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