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The Fabulous Key Change Chord Chart


Download the fabulous Key Change Chord ChartTranscription:In this lesson, I’m going to explain how to use my Key Change Chord Chart. You may want to change the key of the song for two main reasons:To make it easier to sing for yourself or another vocalist (moving the key up or down), orTo make the song easier to play by playing chords that you find more...

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Improvisation FastTrack 101 Tour

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  All current members of Real Guitar School have access to this new course for no extra charge, along with all the other fun courses and the 5-Minute Practice Sessions I've been adding little by little (I added 10 new ones...

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Eric Andrew, Dallas, TX


“I just wanted to say that we need 100 more guitar instructors just like Tomas Michaud. It's not very often you come across someone with the skill, talent, knowledge and lifetime of experience who is willing to share as much information as he does. If you're just starting out or even if you have some knowledge of the guitar already, Tomas has information you...

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