May 27

Jazz Guitar Chords Progression #1


This is a fairly standard progression using jazz chords. The chords don’t sound like much by themselves, but together with a groove they sound great.

If you like this and want to learn this jazz guitar chords progression with the bossa nova strum I show in the video let me know in the comment section of my blog. If I get even a few requests I’ll create the lesson.

Download the Chord Chart And Exercise Here:

>> Jazzy Chord Chart And Exercise

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  1. Excellent lesson! These chord structures are very new to me so it will take a little longer to complete this lesson but I will practice consistently. Thanks.

  2. Hey Tomas,
    Thanks for the new chords. “Love em” I can hardly play them but, they sound great when you play them. Those chord fingerings are almost completely foreign to my left hand. I can’t wait until I have them down.

    Thanks again, best regards, Eric

  3. Hi Thomas, Thank you so much for the little Jazz Progression. I would love to see more like this and yes I would be very interested in the Jazz chord progression with the bossa nova strum. Thanks again John

  4. I would be interested in your Bossa Nova rythm. Is it only used with the jazzy chords or is it used with the basic open chords also?

  5. Hey there, just wanted to say that I love these new chords. If the strum your talking about is the deal from the intro video then I would love for a video that breaks it down. Thanks for all of your hard work in sharing your passion with so many.

  6. Thanks Thomas, great stuff hope to see more like this soon. This chord progression with a bossa nova strum would be a great to learn, hoe to see it

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