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How To Play “House Of The Rising Sun” Fingerstyle Guitar




This is the entire song written out in tab. If you look close you’ll see I’ve included the chord symbols in with the tab at the beginning of each measure. This really is the whole song. Unlike many songs this one doesn’t have a middle section or any other changes.














I was playing around on my guitar the other day I started playing the song House of the Rising Sun. It brought back memories for me… Some good and some not so good.


Song Memories…


I loved this song as a kid. The version I listened to was done by The Animals. I loved it so much that one day on the way to the movies with some friends I tried to shoplift the album from the store. I got caught. It was so embarrassing. I was hanging around good kids and they didn’t do that kind of thing. They called my mom and I didn’t get to go to the movies that day with my friends.

Looking back it’s probably best. It may have deterred me from a life of crime. I never wanted to feel that kind of humiliation again.


Here's what the pattern looks like using text. I know the letters for the fingers might look funny to some. They are a traditional way to indicate fingering in the right hand and refer to the Spanish: P = Pulgar = Thumb; I = Indice = Index finger; M = Medio = Middle finger; A = Anular = ring finger.


Fooling Around


As I was fooling around on my guitar I realized that this song sounds good with a nice fingerpicking pattern. I thought it be a fun way to practice this pattern rather than just treating it as an exercise. I hope you enjoy it.



Simpler Version


If you’re still learning these chords I did create a simpler lesson a while ago. You can find that at this link:
Guitar Chords for Beginners #14 – House Of The Rising Sun



[box] “Ah, music,” he said, wiping his eyes. “A magic beyond all we do here!”J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone [/box]



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